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Pay now.


  • Accept all types of cards and alternative payment methods.
  • Repeat purchases are one-click.
  • Available as part of Klarna Checkout.

A smoooth experience in every scenario

Pay now works by adapting to the situation and dynamically adding or removing friction to optimise for both conversions and security. One click when possible, more control when needed.

First time

Meeting for the first time.

The first time a customer uses Pay now we naturally need them to give us the information needed to verify them and their chosen payment card or APM.

Returning customer

Treated like a regular.

Previous Pay now customers can then benefit from one-click purchases, at any Klarna merchant, without having to enter the same information over and over again.

Higher priced

Handled with care.

Pay now transactions are managed within Klarna’s secure online checkout for an end-to-end solution that enables immediate payments.

When things change

Keeping things fresh.

When customers update their bank account or card information with Klarna, they only have to do it in one place. No service interruption for the user and no passive churn for you.

Minimum-friction payments.

Pay now offers one-click repeat purchases across the entire Klarna merchant network, making it ideal for quick purchases and on-the-go mobile users. We remember user details, so customers can use their preferred payment source without having to enter the same data repeatedly.

Data driven conversions.

Klarna remembers customer data, creating a smoooth experience for the user and increasing conversions for you. By adjusting the amount of friction to the level of risk, we can increase the checkout conversion rate while also improving the acceptance rate for all order values. This dynamic UX, together with a great post-purchase experience, enables us to improve both sales and customer satisfaction.

Keeping customers

With Klarna Checkout you can accept all usual types of Pay now transactions including credit card, debit card or APM, such as Paypal. We make sure that everyone gets their own version of smoooth – especially on mobile – and Klarna retailers are seeing significant increases in conversion.

No matter what product you choose, you will always get:

The merchant portal

You will get access to a backend in which you can manage everything Klarna.

Klarna as a marketing tool

You will get access to marketing material that you can use in your marketing initiatives. E.g. the “No risk” aspects is usually popular to promote.

Global products, local faces

All products are built to be adapted to local preferences and legislations.

Single integration, integrated once

After having integrated Klarna, the products will be automatically updated without you lifting a finger.

Local support for you and your customers

Thousands of employees having conversations with your customers when they need that human guidance.

No risk, for you or your customers

You will always get paid and the customer is covered by Klarna's Buyers Protection.