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Slice it.

Give your customers the credit they deserve.

  • Easy and quick consumer finance.
  • No redirects. Real-time credit assessment.
  • We take all the risk. You always get paid.
  • Perfect for larger ticket items in verticals such as furniture, homeware, electronics and DIY.
  • Ideal for purchase totals over £800.
  • Typical AOV on Slice it transactions is £2,000.

Download the Slice it brochure.

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Get more customers to the checkout.

Use Slice it to advertise the monthly payments to get more customers to the checkout with more purchase power.

Smart and intuitive presentation lets the customer know how much they will pay each month without any hidden costs or unwelcome surprises.


A quick and easy checkout.

There’s no need to fill in lengthy personal details or card numbers to make a purchase. For first-time users a unique credit application process requires only the minimum of information and takes just seconds to complete.

Application is in-line and one-time-only and from then on customers can benefit from a open line of credit and one-click buying across our entire global merchant network.

Manage payments

Part payment with upfront payout.

As soon as the purchase is completed the customer can immediately see their order and all the details at klarna.com. We handle the financing process for your customers and you get paid upfront and in full.


Paying is as smoooth as buying.

When it’s time to make a payment, the customer is offered control and flexibility with reminders and the ability to choose from different settlement sources.

Klarna is responsible for collecting payments so even if a customer defaults, you still get paid: We take all the risk.

The different Slice it options.

Choose how you Slice it.

Offer your customers between 3 to 36-month payment terms, either interest-free or interest-bearing.

Consumer choice.

No fixed term commitment: Customers may pay their balance in full, pay an interest saving amount each month or make the minimum monthly payment (interest charges apply).

0% finance.

Offer a 0% promotional plan in which interest is deferred during the promotional period. If the entire balance is paid before the expiration date, no interest will be charged.

Slice it. Open line of credit, in-line.

We offer different retail finance options that can easily be integrated into your existing customer journey. No re-directs and no need to alter the checkout flow or ask for any new information that you don’t want to collect.

Please note that in order to offer Slice it merchants are required to have a Credit Broker License (CBL) read more.

Personal financing.

Customers are given the experience that is best for them with a dynamic display in the checkout that can suggest and pre-select the best option based on earlier behavior and even “hides” credit products when we can see the customer wouldn’t be eligible. This requires no pre-assessment action to be taken by the customer, it is done automatically in the background.

Friction-free financing.

Smart systems instantly assess different types of information removing the need to ask the same lengthy and personal questions as with traditional offline financing. The process of applying for credit takes place real-time and doesn’t delay or interrupt the purchase for the customer.

Pre-fill from customer recognition enables one-click buying across the entire Klarna merchant network.

Watch the Slice it comparison video

Risk-free financing.

Your customers get clear and understandable financing plans while you get paid upfront in full and we take all the credit and fraud risk.

The  technology-driven underwriting system behind Slice it analyses every transaction risk in less than a second with industry-leading accuracy. Assessing people, not demographics, with a huge number of data points enables us to responsibly accept more purchases with the lowest fees around.

No matter what product you choose, you will always get:

The merchant portal

You will get access to a backend in which you can manage everything Klarna.

Klarna as a marketing tool

You will get access to marketing material that you can use in your marketing initiatives. E.g. the “No risk” aspects is usually popular to promote.

Global products, local faces

All products are built to be adapted to local preferences and legislations.

Single integration, integrated once

After having integrated Klarna, the products will be automatically updated without you lifting a finger.

Local support for you and your customers

Thousands of employees having conversations with your customers when they need that human guidance.

No risk, for you or your customers

You will always get paid and the customer is covered by Klarna's Buyers Protection.