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Slice it.

The credit your customers deserve.

Slice it offers long-term installments to make larger purchases possible for your customers.


How it works.

Slice it is the most popular ways for shoppers to spread their cost over several months.


Your customer chooses Slice it at checkout and completes the simple one time registration.


Klarna pays you the full amount and you ship your customer’s purchase.


The customer easily makes the monthly payments online or in our app.

The perfect fit

Perfect for larger ticket items in verticals such as furniture, homeware, electronics and DIY. It is ideal for purchase totals over £800 and the typical order value on Slice it transactions is £2,000.

Please note that in order to offer Slice it merchants are required to have a Credit Broker License (CBL) read more.

Increase your sales.

By adding Slice it to your checkout you give your customers more ways to buy from you. This mean more sales, and happier customers.


increase in average order value for shoppers using Slice it.


higher conversions at checkout by shoppers using Slice it.

Credit offered in a modern way.

Customer get access to credit in a modern way without clunky steps. And throughout the process the customer stays on your page, with no redirects.

Simple application


We only ask for simple information that is absolutely necessary – no card or bank details.

One-tap purchase


Customers that that have used Slice it before get recognised and get a one-tap experience.

Real-time credit assessment

Shoppers get an instant decision on your site and can buy with increased purchase power immediately.

The different Slice it options


Customer decides the length

Your customers can choose between 6 to 36-month payment terms.

Customer decides the amount

Customers may pay their balance in full, pay an interest saving amount each month or make the minimum monthly payment (interest charges apply).

Promotional financing

Offer a 0% promotional plan in which interest is deferred during the promotional period. If the entire balance is paid before the expiration date, no interest will be charged.

Zero risk for your business.

You get paid in full upfront, while the shopper pays us over time. Your business is always protected from fraud and credit risk. Your customers are protected, too, thanks to our pre-authorization process and buyer’s protection policy.

Easy sign up and set up.


Get up and running on popular platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. Pay later is available on almost every e-commerce platform, and only takes a few minutes to start accepting payments.


Using Klarna flexible payments, our customers never have to compromise performance for price so can select the best product for their planned activity. Being able to spread their payment makes it much easier for them to invest in more expensive items. It helps everyone from individual gap-travellers to family groups to prepare for holidays and expeditions free from financial worry.

– Richard Forman, Managing Director,
PJ Outdoors

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