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High growth trends like athleisure, health and fitness are powering the UK’s £7 billion sports retail market. But high demand websites, need high-performance payments. Sports and style-focused shoppers want to be able to buy what they want – even when on the go. Without worrying about payment, mobile access or complex registrations. Sports retailers chasing sales uplift, need to respond with fast, frictionless payment services that keep their visitors coming back for more.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

We ensure conversions rise with frictionless payments and flexible finance. Delivering a winning combo for sports enthusiasts whether they’re buying sportswear, goods or equipment. Our Pay later and Slice it solutions empower your visitors with more reasons to buy.

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With Klarna you can:

Turn sitting rooms into fitting rooms

Sales of sports clothing have jumped 8% - 4 times more than traditional clothing (Mintel), intensifying competition from high-street retailers. Pay later puts online on the same playing field by enabling shoppers to experience the goods first hand before they part with their cash.

Match active lifestyles with mobile-friendly payments

Busy people want to be able to buy without a fuss. With Pay later purchase is easy, with minimal data collected and no card details needed, even on mobile. And repeat purchase are one-click. Shoppers get to try before they buy so they know the look and fit is right.

Lift premium brand sales and margins

Having Klarna consumer finance available can boost confidence and remove resistance, giving shoppers all the incentive they need to upgrade their purchase. Stay out of the discount trap by adding value with appealing payment terms and flexible credit.

Encourage high-performance buyers

Performance is really important to sports enthusiasts like cyclists, skiers and runners. To up their game, they want the best kit they can afford. With Klarna’s Slice it you can make it easier to manage big-ticket purchases.

Maximise seasonal promotions

Want to capitalise on sporting events or seasonal buying? Klarna makes it easy to target specific segments or groups with tailored payment terms to suit their lifestyles and interests.

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