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Blow minds not budgets

Upfront booking costs can stifle spending for travellers and holidaymakers. Help them go further with more adventurous and flexible online payment options.


Expand horizons and spending power in the travel sector

Gone are the days of trekking to a travel agent and pouring over brochures. Every element of a vacation or staycation, is bookable online or via an app.

There’s no shortage of online choice for the intrepid traveller. But anxiety and guilt around upfront holiday costs, can prevent browsers becoming bookers.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

Wherever you are in the online travel mix, we can help take your sales further by lightening the payment burden. Now your travel customers can book trips that blow their minds – not their budgets.

With Klarna you can:

Avoid holiday pinch

Spreading the cost over time, with Klarna’s Slice it or Pay later, makes travellers more relaxed about booking their dream vacation. They can avoid the pinch and opt for a better experience.

Enrich staycations

The ability to book now and pay later opens up new opportunities for UK city breakers, country lovers, and thrill seekers. Taking the pressure off finances helps them budget for add-on and in-destination activities.

Optimise mobile

Klarna enables one-click payments which is ideal for repeat purchases and mobile shoppers. Perfect for travellers who want to book travel activities when in-transit or on location.

Personalise packages

Klarna lets users make more spontaneous purchases without worrying about cash flow. Retailers can create finance-based promotions with minimal effort and risk.

Attract group bookings

Being able to defer payment is a powerful incentive for those planning family vacations, celebrations and overseas weddings. With Klarna, there’s extra time to collect group contributions post booking.

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