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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our approach – three Os programme.

Our corporate responsibility programme is designed around three Os: Openness, Opportunity and Originality. We want to help create a world where people’s everyday lives are easier, simpler and smOOOther.


We believe in being simple and straightforward in everything we do. That includes being open and transparent with our customers and merchants. No dodgy dealings. No funny business.


We want to redefine payments and the way people shop. But we want to do so in a way that adds social value, champions diversity and helps everyone achieve their ambitions – no matter what their background.


We believe in celebrating innovation in technology. Yes, we’re a tech company, but our success is built on imagination as much as it is built on algorithms and applications.

That’s why we’re proud to support creative initiatives both inside and outside the business.

See how we work with Corporate Social Responsibility

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