Warning! Fake paper invoices appearing to come from Klarna are currently circulating. The invoices reference an outstanding payment for a purchase which does not exist. To view your outstanding invoices, log into the customer portal or the app.

How can I schedule automatic payments for my Financing account?

You can choose to schedule automatic payments (AutoPay) for your Klarna Financing Account during checkout when making the purchase or by logging into the Klarna app or here, and following these steps:

  • Go to your profile settings and select ‘Payment methods’ for enrolling in AutoPay for your Financing Account
  • Or click ‘Purchases’ or ‘Payments’ to find the purchase you’d like to scheduled automatic payments for
  • Once your bank account or card information is added, click the button labelled ‘AutoPay’
  • If enrolled successfully, the ‘AutoPay’ button will turn green

By enrolling in automatic payments, you’ll pay the minimum payment due automatically on the 25th of each month. If you have a ‘No interest if paid in full’ purchase, additional payments may be required to avoid paying interest on your purchase.

How do I turn off automatic payments?

To turn off automatic payments (AutoPay), log in to klarna.com or the Klarna app and follow the below steps.

  • Select the profile settings icon and select ‘Purchase & Payment’
  • Select ‘Autopay’
  • Click the toggle next to ‘Autopay’

We’ll send you a confirmation indicating automatic payments are turned off.

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