I do not recognise this Klarna purchase. What should I do?

Klarna partners with many brands across Fashion, Beauty, Home, Electronics, Luxury and Outdoors sectors to offer Buy now, Pay later payment options both online and instore. When you select one of Klarna’s payment options at a store’s checkout to complete your purchase, you will receive detailed instructions from us via email regarding the option you’ve selected and how to pay later for your purchase.

Klarna enables you to pay later for your purchase from one of our partnered brands via debit/ credit card and, for some purchases, via direct debit. When you pay Klarna with your debit/credit card or direct debit, ‘Klarna’ will appear on your bank statement for the payment of your purchase.

Before reporting a purchase as fraud, consider if you may have selected Klarna at the checkout on a store’s website. You can find all the brands we work with here at our Shop Directory. You should also check if you have received any emails from Klarna on or around the date of the purchase. Within the email communication from Klarna it shall be clear which store the purchase was made and what items were purchased.

If you still do not recognise this Klarna purchase and you believe you may be a victim of fraud, please visit our ‘How can I report a fraud attempt to Klarna’ FAQ here.

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