I haven’t received the email enclosing my statement number/payment information.

You can log in to your Klarna app or here with the email address used in the store’s checkout to find your statements and payment details under “My Klarna” and “Payments”.

Still unable to view your statements?

Orders placed with Klarna are linked to the email address with which you placed the order. For that reason, it is important to check that you have logged into your Klarna profile with the email address you have used to place the order. To see what email address is connected to the order, we recommend you check the confirmation email you received from the store.

If you cannot view your orders after logging in with the email address connected to the order, you may have made a typo when entering the email address in the store’s checkout. In this case, please contact our customer service team for support. To keep your personal data safe and secure additional verification will be required before our customer service agent can discuss your order(s).

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