What should I do if I am being charged fees by my bank for Klarna payments with my Credit Card?

We have been made aware that some customers are being charged fees by their banks when payments to Klarna are being deducted from a Credit Card.

If you bank with Tesco Bank and have spotted any additional charge on your purchase please contact your bank and report the problem. We would also advise changing the card associated with your Instalments account to avoid further fees. You can do this at any time in the Klarna app. Simply, download the app (here) and once you are logged in, select your Instalments order and hit the ‘change card’ button.

We would like to make clear that Klarna is not charging this fee, it is the banks themselves. The root cause of the issue is thought to be that the card issuers are classifying this payment method in a way that allows them to levy a cash advance fee according to their own terms and conditions. Klarna is working with providers to try and resolve this issue as soon as possible, but it will need to be a combined effort, as we are unable to solve it alone.

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