Let’s talk upcycling!

Upcycling: to reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

Buying new things all the time is not only a bad idea financially, but it’s also a terrible thing for the environment. To help inspire you around another possibility, we sat down with Rave Review. A design duo which specializes in remade fashion.

Klarna: So, quick introductions. Who is Rave-Review?

Livia: We’re an upcycling fashion label founded by two designers, myself Livia Schück and my creative partner Josephine Bergqvist.

Josephine: We started Rave Review almost 4 years ago, the first collection was launched during Paris Fashion Week 2017. The reason why we started the brand was that we saw a gap in the market for high fashion + upcycling. Our niche became the combination of these two.

What got you interested in upcycled fashion?

Josephine: We both studied fashion design together and were on the traditional path, working with big global fashion giants as designers. Throughout all of this, we both shared a love for upcycling, both in terms of the creative challenge it provides, but also as a way to create sustainable and unique fashion pieces. This was our starting point for launching Rave-review.

Is upcycling hard to do?

Livia: Both yes and no, I would say. It could be super difficult or super simple. Upcycling is essentially about giving something new life, or a new purpose. That could be something as ambitious as “transforming a vintage blanket into a coat” or as simple as “cut off a pair of jeans to a pair of shorts". And that’s the beauty of it. You can be a complete novice or a seasoned veteran.

Think small. Don’t focus on trying to create the perfect garment, just have fun with it. Embrace the happy accidents.

Do you plan out your pieces in advance, or just see what they become along the way?

Livia: We plan around the textiles we find. Finding cool and new (but old) secondhand materials is the key behind everything we do. It always starts there.

Josephine: Our process is very intuitive and playful. We do a lot of hand sketches and 3D sketches. Since the start, we have had a very creative process with a lot of experiments and workshops to come up with ideas for a new collection. Each garment in the collection is its own process and the result is often quite different from the initial idea.

What would be your biggest advice for people looking to get started with upcycling?

Josephine: My advice would be to think small. Don’t focus on trying to create the perfect garment, just have fun with it. Embrace the happy accidents.

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