Upcycling tips & tricks.

Getting started with upcycling can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Our best advice is to start simple and build up your confidence over time as with any new skill.

To get you started, here are five of the simplest tips & tricks from Stockholm upcycling designers Rave Review that you can try out straight away.

Tip 1 - Get inspired.

Be sure to follow a few different Instagram accounts that cover a wide spectrum of the upcycling world. Here are a few of our favorites!

Main Nue

Main Nue

Creative remake with a big focus on embroidery.

Love is shouty

Love is shouty

A very artistic take on upcycling. Somewhere in between art and fashion.

Anna Castellan

Anna Castellano

Upcycled pieces made mostly from bleaching techniques.

Tip 2 - Visit your local thrift shops.

Local thrift shops have a massive selection of amazing materials in different colors, patterns, sizes and textures. They’re an amazing source of inspiration for your next piece. Head out to your local stores and see what bargains and inspiration you can find.

Tip 3 - Embrace failure.

When upcycling, don’t start out with a specific goal in mind. No process is linear, no matter if it’s a very simple thing you’re supposed to do or a big project. That’s the beauty of creating. Ending up somewhere else than when you first intended. It’s a good idea to try many quick things to get inspired and to see what you actually like before you start upcycling your favorite piece.

Tip 4 - Make small changes.

Not every upcycling piece needs to be radical. It could just be a small change, like using some spray or paint on your fabric. Or just using scissors and a sewing needle to make small adjustments. Once you get more confident, you can start trying bigger adjustments.

Tip 5 - Have fun with it!

If it’s not fun, you’re probably overthinking it or putting too much pressure on yourself to create an amazing fashion piece. There’s a lot of great content online, or even local workshops you can attend, too.

So there you have it! Five easy tips to start you on your upcycling journey. Try them out and give your old clothes new life.

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