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Transparency and clarity

The world today is complex and confusing enough. We’re not here to add to that. Being smoooth means being transparent and straightforward about how Klarna works, so you always know where you stand.

That means being crystal clear about our products and their terms. And working closely with our partners to make sure that they are too. It means being open about our lending policies and credit authorization process. It means making sure that we stay in touch with you so you know when a payment is due. And if something isn’t clear, we’re always here to help explain it or answer your questions.

If you have any questions, you can visit our FAQ section or speak to our dedicated customer support team.

Responsible lending

Klarna is committed to being a fair and responsible lender, with transparent communications to consumers. Our products are about choice, and offer customers the option to defer payment if they wish – ideal for one-off or unplanned purchases.

We only offer credit to those who are eligible. This allows us to assess your ability to manage repayments under our credit agreement.

Pay later is dependent on a soft credit check and eligibility criteria like the customer’s age and purchase amount.

A soft credit check does not affect your credit score/rating and is strictly between you and us; this is not visible to other lenders.

There is no interest or upfront fees with Pay later. However, late-payment may result in a late fee.

Financing is dependent on a full credit check, a customer’s previous credit history, an affordability assessment, and several other factors. This credit check can influence a consumer’s credit rating.

There are several US organizations that provide help and advice for customers worried about money management:


National Debt Relief

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

FTC Consumer Information

Data privacy

We’re always working to earn and keep our customers’ trust. Data privacy plays a huge part in this, and we take data protection very seriously.

Klarna is a digital-first business. This means that everything we’ve ever built has been constructed to be as safe for our customers as possible. Our privacy program has been developed in accordance with regulatory requirements and to reduce the risk of data breaches.

We also have a core team dedicated to keeping your data safe. Our Global Privacy Office is in charge of data privacy and is staffed with data protection specialists. Alongside them, we have a dedicated customer support team that acts as an extension of the team to support you with privacy-related inquiries.

For further information, please visit our Privacy policy page.

Collections and complaints

We make keeping track of payments as simple as possible. But we also know that some customers may have concerns about repayment. That’s why we have a dedicated team who work with customers who are at risk of falling behind on their payments, and work with them to find a solution. And if you have any concerns about repayment or fees, our customer services team is here to help.

We want you to love smoooth shopping with Klarna, so service is a big priority for us. But when things go wrong, we have an in-house complaints procedure to make sure complaints are handled in a transparent, effective and timely manner – so you’re not left short-changed. Find out more about how to make a complaint via our FAQ section.

Treating customers fairly

Treating customers fairly and supporting any customers who might be vulnerable is incredibly important. Our affordability assessment ensures that credit is only given to those who are deemed able to afford it and who will be able to make repayments in a sustainable way, without impacting their financial well being.

In addition, all our support staff are trained to recognize, identify and support customers who could potentially be vulnerable.