Jul 14, 20203 min read

An update on our goal to become carbon neutral.

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by Klarna

In June of last year, we set ourselves an ambitious goal: to start measuring our carbon footprint and commit to becoming carbon neutral for the year 2019. This was no easy feat. Not only did it require a rigorous analysis of every aspect of our business but also a change in mindset.

But six months have passed and we are proud to confirm that the year 2019 has now officially been a climate neutral year of Klarna. Thanks to the help of Tricorona and the incredible dedication of countless employees and teams at Klarna, we’ve now published our first climate report.

This report follows the PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality and outlines our global carbon footprint across the company and the carbon credits we have purchased to offset our emissions for the year 2019. But most importantly we now have invaluable insights into the ways we can make the biggest impact and reduce our emissions across different parts of our business going forward.

While 2019 has been an important year in setting a framework for our climate work, we know we need to do more as we continue this journey. Like everything else we do at Klarna, doing more means finding solutions that add value and have a real impact. This is even more important as we continue to grow our business, expand to new countries and bring Klarna’s shopping solutions to more people around the world.

In this spirit, we’ve set clear goals and ambitions for our business towards which we will actively work until the year 2021:

  1. Host 100% of our server use and data storage in the cloud.
  2. Use renewable energy in 95% of offices where we have the ability to choose our own suppliers, and in 60% of all of our offices.
  3. Reduce global air travel emissions by 5% per employee.

To meet these goals, we will need to introduce a number of changes to the way we operate at present. While we will explore which solutions have the highest impact over the next two years, we know we will need to expand our cloud data storage, while also encouraging employees to consider what meetings call for travel and which ones could potentially be held virtually. And as we grow and expand our offering across countries, we will also need to revisit how we set up new facilities in a sustainable way so that the incredible growth we’ve seen and expect for the coming years does not result in an increase in carbon emissions.

Our employees have been and continue to be at the centre of this important change that we’re working towards. Not only have they voiced their encouragement for setting these ambitious goals, but all of them have also done their part in helping track our emissions and being more mindful in the way we use services. And we’ve already seen some important change: only last year, the use of trains for business travel has more than doubled and we’ve started to move to a more cloud based solution for our data storage.

Climate change is happening. Not sometime in the distant future, but right now. And we, like other companies, need to do our part.

We look forward to keep working on this project and help drive real change in the way we impact our climate.


The report was conducted for the whole year 2019 together with Tricorona Climate Partner.

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