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Apr 14, 20221 min read

Better and more payment options for retailers: Meet SensePass.

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At Klarna, we are focused on driving the growth and success of our retail partners by offering them solutions fitting whatever their individual needs might be. We’re pleased to have SensePass in our partner network, bringing flexible payment options to even more physical retail stores across the US. Retailers using SensePass can offer Klarna’s interest-free payment solutions at checkout in-store, maximizing sales and bringing added ease and convenience to shoppers nationwide.

We sat down with SensePass Co-Founder & CEO Moty Arcuschin to discuss our partnership’s value to retailers and what’s ahead for the company in the coming months.


Give us the SensePass elevator pitch. What solutions do you offer retailers today?
SensePass is the simplest and easiest-to-use way for retailers to accept digital payment—from credit and debit cards to P2P platforms like Venmo to rewards points, cryptocurrencies, and Buy Now Pay Later options. It is an all-in-one solution retailers can use to offer payment by tap or scan without purchasing hardware.

What’s the biggest benefit SensePass offers to its users?
Retailers have the freedom and flexibility to offer any digital form of payment to pay for goods and services. Users enjoy greater buying power by breaking down the barriers between specific payment platforms and accessing any available funds.

What type of merchants and users do you work with?
SensePass supports retailers, the hospitality industry, and colleges/universities. Notable clients include fashion retailer Kith, Ramsey Outdoor, Town Shop, Laline, restaurants, and colleges.

What differentiates SensePass from other providers in the market?
SensePass is currently the only company that can integrate any wallet for retail and e-commerce, including options not typically available in stores or online. It acts as a “wallet of wallets.” Other tap-to-pay providers only offer a small selection of options and cannot expand to others easily. Our solution includes tap-to-pay, one-click purchases, pay-by-text, mobile Point of Sale devices, etc.

What attracted SensePass to partnering with Klarna?
Klarna reinforces our mission with its record of innovation and its widely-known approach to helping shoppers buy what they want when they want it. We started as a retail solution to integrate shoppers’ store value. As a prominent shopper innovation, and with feedback from our fashion clients, Klarna makes sense as an option available to our retailers and shoppers using our solution. It creates a better experience for everyone involved and makes it easier for retailers to offer Klarna in-store and online.

What value will the Klarna x SensePass partnership bring to US and North American retailers?
Shoppers have many ways to pay, but SensePass is the only option for using those methods without any friction. Retailers using Klarna and SensePass benefit from including Klarna with all other payment options, so their shoppers can purchase more quickly and often (i.e., increased conversion, higher average tickets, larger average baskets, and greater loyalty).

What essential factors should a retailer/user consider when looking for a PoS payments partner? How does SensePass stand out with those factors?

  • Does it increase sales? Yes! SensePass gives shoppers access to more of their buying power, so they don’t have to limit themselves to their balance in just one platform.
  • Does it improve the checkout experience? Yes! SensePass gets rid of annoyance, inconvenience, and confusion by allowing shoppers to pay frictionlessly with any digital method. As a result, checkout is quicker and less cluttered.
  • Does it enable more audiences? Yes! Many retailers are limited to a small number of debit and credit options. SensePass opens access to segments of users who do not use such options, including fans of digital currencies, heavy users of P2P payment platforms, other non-banked shoppers, and tourists who use platforms such as WeChat and Alipay.
  • Is it easy for retailers to adopt? Yes! SensePass requires minimal training for in-store staff. They learn the platform once and do not have to retrain when retailers add new options such as PayPal, Klarna, or bitcoin. It also requires minimal training for back-office staff because all payments flow to a single dashboard for accounting and reporting, regardless of the original payment source.

How is SensePass enabling retailers/users to maximize efficiency and drive sales?
Every moment of friction in the purchasing process lowers efficiency and risks sales. By letting people buy the things they want using their money (in different wallets or BNPL solutions), SensePass reduces friction, lowers risks of lost sales, and builds repeat traffic by offering a solution that delights shoppers. Whether it’s a peak buying period or business-as-usual, better checkout makes happier shoppers, and more satisfied shoppers drive better sales.

What’s next for SensePass over the next few months and beyond?
SensePass makes sense anywhere people need to make payments. We continue to add new wallets and value stores to its payment platform. In addition, we are taking the best of what we offer to fashion retailers, grocers, and more and applying it to other industries.

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