Jun 25, 20214 min read

Creator spotlight: Santi Zoraidez.

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by Klarna

Meet Santi Zoraidez, one of our Objects of Desire artists. Santi is an art director and designer based in Barcelona, blending reality with the digital, always experimenting with light, space, and color. Read on to find out why we’re so obsessed with them and take a peek behind their creative process.

What first got you into the world of art and design?

I have always been drawn by design and art because I enjoy the idea of creating new spaces and contexts. Since I was young, it was like creating a new world with each project. New places where I immerse and stay for a while. And then the fun part is how to translate that into an image while you discover more about that new world! I have always thought like that since I can remember.

On your website, you say you like to combine digital and reality. We’re obsessed. How did you discover that was your personal style?

Even if I work with digital tools and want my work to transmit the need of being touched. I use a lot of abstract forms but always combined them with real materiality or real lighting. I like the idea of thinking about how these would be in my hand. How big, how soft, how heavy.

You’ve worked with such a variety of incredible clients and studios, from Android, Nike, and Oreo to studios like Nexus and Zeitguised. Do you remember the first piece that really stood out to you, one you even impressed yourself with?

Maybe because when I started and people asked me what my goal would be, my response was always working on a Nike project. One day, when I was living in Berlin, I got an email directly from Nike Jordan Brand, and I did my first of many projects with them.

In the space between digital and reality, you’re kind of just inventing things out of thin air, like magic. Do you ever get creative blocks? What’s your go-to block breaker?

Totally. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. And sometimes I do something that seems to be good, but when I see it later, I know it is not even close to being ok at all! I’m not sure if I have a block breaker that works every time. I think that only going away from the machine for a while and putting your head down doing something else helps ideas appear and give you that room to understand why what you’ve done so far can go in another direction.

The past year a lot of us were stuck inside. What was the weirdest quarantine purchase you made? Did you find yourself shopping more or less?

We bought many devices to keep our home clean and safe! One thing I discovered which made us super comfortable after doing this each time and entering home: Sweeper Water Spray Mop. Highly recommended! I think we definitely got more stuff. There was always a time to go online and be attracted by a thing you didn’t even know existed.

Do you like to listen to music or watch anything while you work? If so, what’s something you like to keep playing in the background?

 I listen to a lot of stuff, to be honest. My Spotify playlist is super varied!

As a freelance designer and art director, do you rely on social media? Like, how online are you on a scale from sending “happy birthdays” on Facebook to getting lost on TikTok for hours?

Much less than years ago! I use social media mostly to share my art with others and to be updated on what other designers and brands do! I love design and art and everything related to making our life aesthetically nicer.

I basically use Instagram (@szoraidez), Twitter (@santizoraidez), and Pinterest.

We’re dying to know. What brands have you been shopping lately?

Nike, Vans, Ikea, Apple, Levis.

Last question, If you could pass any advice to yourself when you were starting out, what would it be?

Keep trying and be confident in what you want. Work hard for it and enjoy the journey.

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