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Feb 4, 20221 min read

Creating an immersive Millennial and Gen Z livestream experience.

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by Klarna

Paris-based e-commerce fashion leader Monnier Frères wanted to connect with more Gen Z and Millennial women shoppers in the US and was looking for a partnership that would enable it to reach that audience uniquely. In December, Monnier Frères and Klarna joined forces to bring together a special Christmas-time event from Paris and reach out to a new group of potential shoppers.

The event was a smashing success and had practical learnings for other brands as they look to broaden their shopper bases and add new customers through digital activations. Here’s what to consider when planning an immersive shopping event of your own:

Storytelling captures attention.

Using the backdrop of Christmas in Paris and staging the event in an apartment served as a nod to the new season of Emily in Paris—the popular Netflix show’s new season also started in December and is a big favorite among Millennial and Gen Z women. The theme helped the audience imagine themselves in the aspirational life of the titular Emily while connecting with the products Monnier Frères was showcasing.

Go where your audience is.

Monnier Frères has seen great success with livestream events in Asia and Europe, but this was one of its first events for a US audience. The brand was most interested in creating an event to connect with Gen Z and Millennial women. By combining an of-the-moment pop culture event with Monnier Frères’ quality products, the brand communicated with. and attracted, precisely the audience it most wanted. And the audience was receptive and excited about the whole event. The digital format also meant shoppers could conveniently tune into the event, no matter where they were in the world.

A true marketing partner.

By incorporating Klarna as a marketing partner to drive shoppers to the event, Monnier was able to draw an even larger viewership. The Klarna team created a robust marketing plan, including email banners, in-app ads, and push notifications to reach the target audience. Klarna also developed a curated shopping list, showcasing Monnier products with a “Christmas in Paris” theme. In total, Klarna drove tens of thousands of clicks to the Monnier Frères website. The event lived on the Monnier web page and also streamed within the Klarna shopping app to Klarna’s 24M+ US shoppers.

Leveraging Klarna’s audience is a great way to introduce your brand to new shoppers. By partnering with Klarna, Monnier could organically reach a larger US audience than they would have otherwise.

When they’re happy, they engage.

The reaction from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. The livestream event was well-attended by Millennial and Gen Z women. The average time spent and the immense number of comments and reactions throughout the livestream were proof Monnier Frères had connected with its target audience. And the viewers were actively participating, engaging with the themes being discussed, inquiring into specific products, and more. This engagement in turn directly drove net new orders, bringing more sales to the brand.

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