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May 18, 20201 min read

Satisfaction is our shoppers’ middle name.

Isabella Ahmadi

by Isabella Ahmadi

Online shopping could be a time consuming, hair-tearing ordeal. But luckily, more and more consumers in the US are finding happiness, all thanks to Klarna. They just adore the experience. The evidence? Customer satisfaction just went from really high to even higher – and online ratings are absolutely heartwarming.

There are three core ingredients in creating happy customers: Freedom, flexibility, and fun. In Klarna’s app, consumers have the freedom to choose any online store to shop from. They have the flexibility to pay however suits them and, last but not least, it’s inspiringly fun to use. All of this – topped with some of that famous Klarna smoooth sprinkle – has led to improved customer satisfaction rates when looking at the commonly used metrics CSI, CSAT, and NPS. The already-positive figures have steadily increased since the beginning of the year.

“That these increases occurred as the world began grappling with the coronavirus outbreak is particularly significant for us. It suggests that Klarna has exceeded expectations in delivering great customer experiences during extraordinarily difficult times”, David Sykes, head of Klarna US, says.

But hey, shoppers should do the talking. After all, they say it best. These are some online ratings picked up from Trustpilot and Twitter.

Happy consumers

Consumers deserve a fun shopping experience. That’s Klarna’s strong belief. At the same time, customer satisfaction is key for businesses to succeed. So let’s spread some happiness – it makes us all winners.