Nov 3, 20213 min read

The future of shopping is here.

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by Klarna

The Klarna shopping app is here, and we are thrilled to say that this is now available in nearly all of our regions, as we continue on our mission to bring smoooth shopping to the masses. 

So if you love shopping with Klarna, but your favorite online store hasn’t partnered with Klarna yet, we have brilliant news for you – our shopping app now allows you to shop at any online store regardless of whether they are partnered with Klarna or not. But that’s not all, we’ve made a significant update to the Klarna app that will make shopping easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Our new homepage packs a ton of features to support you across your entire shopping journey, from inspiration and deals to flexible payments, delivery tracking, returns management and much more. Welcome to the future of shopping.

Why is this such a big deal? 

E-commerce has exploded across the globe which has made shopping more accessible than ever before. Specifically, mobile shopping, which has seen an unprecedented surge. The majority of consumers are shopping more on their mobiles today, compared to just two years ago. 

In a representative study with more than 13 000 participants from 13 countries, conducted in collaboration with research agency Dynata, we found that this trend is even more pronounced in the younger demographics. 76% of 18-24 year olds and 71% of 24-40 year olds said they are using their phones more frequently to shop than they did two years ago. It’s also clear that the popularity of mobile shopping is here to stay, with 73% of 18-24 year olds and 68% of 24-40 year olds believing they will shop even more on their mobile phones in the next 5 years

But with the rapid rise of mobile shopping there also came a frenzy of retailer shopping apps, resulting in a cluttered and confusing landscape of services targeted at different stages of the shopping journey. This fragmentation has created friction across the shopping journey, turning an experience that should be enjoyable and convenient into a rather time consuming ordeal. 

Today people are seeking single applications that cover the full breadth of the shopping journey. Switching between apps is frustrating and wastes valuable time. Our study showed that of those who had at least one shopping app on their phone, 70% would prefer to have one single app that incorporates all the features of the shopping apps they currently use. Saving users time and simplifying the shopper journey were seen as the two most significant benefits with over 68% of respondents expressing this. 

All in one place. 

By tying together all phases of the shopping journey, the Klarna app provides a single point of destination for all your shopping needs. From inspiration and deals to flexible payments, delivery tracking and returns, the Klarna app has you covered. 

And there is lots more to come. We are turning the Klarna app into a true all in one shopping app, with plenty of clever and exciting features to be added over the next months and years. What’s more, we will also gradually open up the Klarna app to integrate services from third parties. That way, we can introduce new functionalities to the app at lightning speed, helping consumers get even more value for their money, with an app that meets their real needs. 

Welcome to the future of shopping

Ready to start shopping?

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