Nov 18, 20202 min read

The mailbox is dead. Long live the modular mailbox.

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by Klarna

The mailbox. Almost everyone has one – but in a world of digital communication, no one really uses it. In paradox, online shopping is growing exponentially, creating an ever increasing number of parcels on their way to our homes. Meanwhile, people look for more personalized experiences, and new ways to live more sustainably. What if the mailbox could be reimagined and work as an enabler for all those things?

That is the idea behind The Modular Mailbox, the first prototype created by Klarna Future Shopping Lab and brought to life by the award-winning Note Design Studio. It is constituted by a combination of different modules focused on shopping, sharing and sustainability. Together, these transform the mailbox from a static relic, serving solely as a tool for receiving things, into a platform that is designed to cater for our future shopping habits. It supports circularity, new transactions and makes life easier, for individuals as well as neighborhoods and communities.

While the prototypes developed by Klarna Future Shopping Lab are not part of our commercial product development, their purpose is to inspire and create discussions around how the future of retail might look like. Guided by our philosophy of removing unnecessary friction, we believe that a lot of improvements can be made in different areas of the shopping journey that are beneficial to both consumers and retailers, and to society as a whole

Learn more about the Modular Mailbox and explore the prototype here.

About Klarna Future Shopping Lab.

Klarna was founded 15 years ago with a mission to create a smoother shopping experience for all. With Klarna Future Shopping Lab, we are looking 15 years ahead to explore how different areas of shopping and retail can be improved.

It’s an ongoing research project that explores optimistic and somewhat unexpected future shopping experiences. The purpose is to develop future prototypes that can inspire everyone involved in the shopping experience — from retail and city planning to technology and logistics — in accelerating the evolution of shopping.

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