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Mar 5, 20201 min read

Uncovering younger generations’ money management habits.

Portrait of David Sykes

by David Sykes

There is no doubt that Gen Z and Millennials are facing a different environment to previous ones when it comes to how they manage their finances.

So what’s the reality for them today in terms of their preferences, habits and attitudes when it comes to managing their finances?

To share some light on this topic, we commissioned a survey of 2,012 US shoppers across different age groups, including 1,000 people aged 18 to 38.

The research uncovered how Gen Z and Millennials are turning to technology and transparency to manage their money.

52% of all Gen Z and Millennial respondents see themselves as financially responsible

38% believe they are more financially responsible than they’re given credit for

46% of all Gen Z and Millennials believe it is important to talk openly about finances

84% of Gen Z and say technology has had an impact on how they manage their finances

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