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Selling consumer electronics online can be a tough challenge. Competition, discounting, and market saturation may deliver poor growth and low margins. It’s also difficult to offer the personal service level of store-based competitors.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

Electronics retailers can now shift the focus of online buying away from cost to making goods more appealing and affordable. Deferred and split payments from Klarna give customers the flexibility they need to stay on top of the latest tech trends.


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With Klarna you can:

Score high on experience

Klarna differentiates with online checkouts that can be tailored to suit electronics consumers. From paying after they receive their goods to offering new ways to spread the cost of their purchases. It’s simple, fast and frictionless.

Soften price sensitivity

Klarna's consumer financing can mean the difference between consumers buying and not buying. Klarna helps smooth out demand curves, keeping sales more consistent – particularly when price levels of products start to rise.

Offer friction-free credit

Household budgets can be tight. Spreading payment over time for major items or technology purchases can remove consumer resistance. With Slice it, shoppers get an instant finance decision in 4 easy steps – all seamlessly built into your checkout flow – no redirects away from your site.

Lift service levels

Key to reducing dropped baskets is making sure service measures up to your competitors. Klarna empowers shoppers with one-click purchase, access to instant credit, elimination of refund anxiety, and dedicated customer support.

Add value to promotions

Build excitement ahead of peak buying seasons or new product launches with tailored communications to ensure customers know about their payment options. Klarna helps boost CRM and target users that want choice.

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