Today’s shoe shoppers demand instant satisfaction.

In order to cash in on their love of footwear, you’ll need to know what drives them to buy.

Take the first step towards checkout perfection.

In a mobile-first world, shoe shopping has become a fast-paced and emotional experience. Are you keeping pace?

By offering shoppers the ability to pay later – either in 4 interest-free installments or in full after 30 days – you can decrease cart abandonment and increase your checkout conversions by nearly 50%.* That means more sales for you, so your business can kick into high gear.

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A new generation of footwear fanatics.

These customers love shopping and paying with Klarna. Here’s why:

Offer consumers two easy ways to pay later:

In 4 interest-free installments, making your products more affordable
In full after 30 days, allowing shoppers to try before they buy
When you give shoppers options that match their preferences, you’ll see big increases in AOV. And with Klarna, you always get paid up front, so there’s no risk and all the reward.

The uplift we’ve seen from Klarna is incredible. They allow shoppers to feel in control of their purchasing, without paying the full price upfront. Smashing this barrier has undoubtedly helped to boost our buyers’ confidence, leading to greater sales.

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Kyle Rancourt, Rancourt & Co Shoecrafters

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Take the first step towards checkout perfection. Fill out the form and get the guide to “Cashing in on Today’s Shoe-Crazy Shoppers.”