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Klarna's flexible payment solutions mean increased sales and confident shoppers. Win-win.

Klarna is boosting sales and driving traffic for the world’s leading homeware brands.

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Shoppers are increasingly value-conscious, spending more time browsing than buying — online and off. A poor experience, overcomplexity, or cash-flow issues can cause them to walk away. That's where Klarna comes in. Our payment solutions are proven to deliver double-digit improvements on sales conversion, particularly on mobile. We help turn home-focused browsers into buyers, while assuming the entire fraud and credit risk, so you can focus on running a successful business.

Your business' bff.

With Klarna, you can give your customers the "smooothest" payment options and experiences — but it doesn't stop there. Once you partner with us, we work to become a complete growth engine for your business. Take a look at other ways Klarna can kick your business up a notch.

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Effortless integration.

Getting up and running with Klarna is easy. We can quickly integrate with your existing technology platforms and payment partners. Need a custom solution? We can do that, too.

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More ways to pay.

We offer more ways to pay than any other provider—meaning we have a solution for each of your business challenges.

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