Bring sales home.

Make websites welcoming

Give your style-forward and cost-conscious home shoppers the flexibility to pay in manageable installments. Allow customers to see goods in their own home, check out the pattern, color, and size before they part with their cash.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

Klarna’s payment solutions are proven to deliver double-digit improvements in sales conversion. Customers can afford to add a luxury item, upgrade their selection, or add extra finishing touches. More pleasure for them. Higher sales for you.

With Klarna you can:

Create a warm welcome

Klarna delivers a smooth, frictionless online and mobile payment experience and encourages home shopping spontaneity with one-click repeat purchase – even on mobile.

Turn home rooms into showrooms

Losing sales because customers can’t touch and feel your product? With Klarna, your customers can see goods in their own home, check out the pattern, color and size before they part with their cash. We pay you direct, so there is no risk for you.

Get buyers off the fence

If expensive or indulgent items leave visitors sitting on the fence, you can turn them into confident buyers with Klarna. Instant and flexible online credit with Klarna’s Slice it lets shoppers pay over time in manageable installments to suit their needs and lifestyles.

Make it easier to buy big-ticket items

Buyers are often attracted to interest-free credit for large purchases like kitchen appliances and furniture. With Slice it, your website can compete successfully with physical stores by offering a much simpler and instant installment-based alternative. Customers can upgrade their expectations. And there’s no extra work for you.

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