Which details are required in order for my agreement to be approved?

In order for your agreement to be approved, the following criteria must be met. Additionally, Klarna performs an individual risk assessment of all merchants, which in some cases might require further documentation. Should you have any questions contact Merchant Support:

The following details must be visible on your webshop:

  • Organization number
  • Registered company name
  • Registered company address
  • Prices on the products including transaction currency
  • Product description
  • Terms and conditions
  • Your contact details including either an email address or phone number
  • Return policy stated on your website
  • Shipping policy. If shipping costs are added, the amount needs to be specified
  • Estimated delivery time


  • Your URL must be live
  • Your URL must not redirect to another website
  • All links on the webshop must work, no error messages should appear

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