Instant shopping

An express checkout that works everywhere.

Turn any touchpoint into a checkout and offer your shoppers a fast and easy way to pay later with Klarna. Our Instant shopping payment button works in all of your channels including your website, ads, social media, and everywhere else.


faster than some competitors.


increase in conversion from retailers offering Klarna’s services.

How it works.

Make it easy for your customers to shop the moment they are inspired, often with a single tap. Instant shopping is a user-friendly express lane to a faster checkout and higher sales. Create a secure and easy payment flow that works with all major payment methods. Pre-fill contact and delivery fields, securely store payment details to save time.

How Instant shopping works - browsing


Offer your customers the ability to buy the moment they tap the express checkout payment button anywhere on your website.

How Instant shopping works - checkout


Returning shoppers are recognized and get their payment information pre-filled. No redirects, creating a seamless checkout experience.

How Instant shopping works - shipping

On shipment

We’ll let customers know when their payment is due. You get paid in full, upfront.

Works in all your channels.

Transform the shopping journey with a purchase experience that’s designed for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Place our payment button on your website, in advertisements, on social media, and in the wild.

Instant shopping - on your website

On your website

Close the checkout gap with a shopping cart that offers a one-click checkout experience as soon as shoppers find something they love.

Instant shopping - perfect for social shopping

Perfect for social shopping

Create shoppable ads that connect your creative content to our speedy checkout. Take shoppers from seeing it to having it, instantly.

Instans shopping - boost retargeting campaigns

Boost retargeting campaigns

Make the most of higher click through rates by offering the opportunity to purchase directly from an email or newsletter.

Instans shopping - support subscriptions

Supports subscriptions

Our recurring payment token is designed for repeat purchases or donations. Offer easy and flexible subscriptions both on your website and others.

Instant shopping - in the wild

In the wild

Make print touchpoints actionable by placing a QR code on product catalogs or out of home placements and launch an instant checkout everywhere.

Payment methods.

All major payment methods are included. Your customers can use any of the options to pay later with Klarna.

Instant shopping - payment methods

Post-purchase experience.

Whether you’re a retailer or a shopper, we’ve got your back. We take full fraud and credit risk for sellers, while giving complete protection to buyers. We also put control in the hands of customers with the Klarna app – gathering all orders in a single place. Through the app, customers can manage their purchases, choose payment methods, chat with customer service 24/7, and even report returns. If they have chosen to pay with Klarna, we’ll send a friendly reminder for a hassle-free experience.

Boost your business.

Instant shopping is designed to be conveniently fast. When your customers go from inspiration to shopping in one step, there’s less friction, meaning higher conversion rates.


An instant shopping button that can be placed anywhere. One-click shopping together with an easy and seamless checkout will make more shoppers complete their purchase.

Average order value

Instant shopping supports all popular payment methods, including Pay later options like Pay in 30 days and 4 interest-free installments. More choices make the settlement smooother.

Customer loyalty

We identify your customers and adapt the checkout to their preferences – on any device – making new customers returning customers.

Drive traffic

Partnering with Klarna will increase your website traffic. Our strong brand and influencer collaborations speak to shoppers, who are actively looking for retailers that offer our payment methods.

Always with Klarna.

Regardless of what solution or payment method you sign up for, joining forces with Klarna will make running your business easier.

Automatic updates

You’ll always have the latest and greatest version of all Klarna products.

New customers

Klarna refers millions of shoppers to our retailers via our shop directory and social channels.

Dedicated support

24/7 business support with our award-winning service team.

Go to business support

Seller’s Protection

We assume all credit and fraud risk, so you can focus on running a successful business.

Fraud liability protection

We’ve got your customer’s back. If their order doesn’t arrive, they don’t pay. We take the cost.

Read the full policy

Globally compliant

All products are adapted to fit local preferences and legislation.

Upfront payment

You always get paid right away and in full with any of Klarna’s payment options.


It’s easy to integrate Instant shopping. It uses the same API for order management as Klarna Checkout and Klarna’s stand-alone payment methods. Instant shopping can be used both on and off your webshop. It depends on how you choose to configure Instant shopping. And you can always choose which payment methods you want to offer.

Klarna developers


Here you will find the integration guides, API documentation for those wanting to integrate directly with our systems, and more to help you get started.


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. All you need to know about Instant shopping is right here.


Market availability
Customer identification
Shipping selector
Payment methods included
Pay in 30 days, Financing, Card.
Klarna buyers protection
Klarna sellers protection


Pre-integrated e-commerce platforms
Direct integration via
Javascript and RestAPI
Auto updates
Auto local
Estimate time to live
3 days


Max payment delay
3 business days after order is shipped
Standard term of agreement
36 months
Monthly cost
Transaction cost
$ 0.30 + standard Klarna payments cost

What else.

We have more solutions and payment methods that might interest you.

4 Installments

Pay in 4 interest-free installments.

Give shoppers the freedom to spread the cost interest-free over time. Retailers get paid immediately and shoppers get a flexible plan.


Offer up to 36 months to pay.

Give your customers the flexible option to buy now and spread the cost with monthly payments.

Ready, steady, smoooth.