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Let your customers try before they buy.

Pay later is a free payment delay so customers can try before they buy.

How it works.

Pay later in full is the easiest way of removing the friction during checkout, allowing shoppers to pay after delivery.



Your customer chooses Pay later at checkout and completes the purchase with simple top of mind information.


Klarna guarantees full payment and you can ship the order directly.

Post purchase

Your customer can easily manage their payment and order details online or in our app.

Increase your sales.

By adding Pay later in full to your checkout, shoppers can see, try, and touch the product before paying for it. More ways to buy from you means more sales and happier customers. Here are some results retailers typically see:



increase in average
order value


higher annual customer
purchase frequency


higher conversion rate vs. card

It doesn’t get simpler.

Shopping has never been easier than when customers seperate buying from paying.


Top of mind information

New customers are only asked to provide
simple top of mind information to
complete their purchase.


Returning customers to any of
Klarna’s connected retailers are
recognized and information prefilled.

No sign ups or redirects

No interruptions or account sign ups
required. Our in-line solution keeps
shoppers on your site.

Zero risk for your

You get paid in full upfront, while the shopper pays us over time. Your business is always protected from fraud and credit risk. Your customers are protected, too, thanks to our pre-authorization process and buyer’s protection policy.

Easy sign up and
set up.

Get up and running on popular platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce. Pay later is available on almost every e-commerce platform, and only takes a few minutes to start accepting payments.

“We have experienced a significant increase in average spend. I think shoppers are enjoying the friction-free experience and modern feel of Klarna, as well as having the option of purchasing before pay day and then only paying if they keep the item.”


See it in action.


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