Merchant Portal

Slice it in 4.

Free short-term installments.

  • No interest and no upfront consumer fees.
  • Automatically scheduled payments.
  • Super simple checkout.


Only pleasant surprises.

Give customers the power to spread the cost of their purchases over time. Four equal payments automatically collected bi-weekly from the shopper’s debit or credit card.

Leverage on-site marketing for a smart and intuitive presentation to let customers know how much they will pay each month – without any hidden costs or unwelcome surprises.


Smoooth checkout.

No need to sign up for a credit agreement or new account – all that is needed is the customer’s card details. This requires no lengthy personal information and has no affect on credit score.

Paying with Slice it in 4 is simple and done inline, with no redirects or interruption to your existing checkout flow.


Part payment,
full payout.

As soon as the purchase is completed, your customer receives a confirmation and can immediately see all of the details in the Klarna app.

We handle the installment process for your customers and you get guaranteed payment, upfront and in full.

Automatic payments

Payments without lifting a finger.

Your customers will always know when their scheduled installments will be automatically paid, and how much the charge will be.

No invoices or payment instructions to follow, no due dates to remember, and no repeat entry of bank or card information. They can simply sit back and relax.

More purchasing power, less hassle.

Free, short-term installments give your customers the ability to ease the cost of a purchase, with no added cost or hassle. Four equal payments are collected every two weeks from the customer’s debit or credit card.

All of the closure of a full upfront payment, with the purchasing power and cash-flow benefits of spreading the cost.

Installments with no interest and no upfront fees.

Klarna charges your customers no interest on the amount, no upfront fees for the purchase, and no additional costs for the repayments.

Payments are scheduled bi-weekly and automatically charged from the shopper’s own credit or debit card. Costing no more than if they simply paid for the entire purchase up front.

Repayments designed to suit your customers.

Give customers the transparency and simplicity they want, by knowing exactly how much will be paid and when. No surprises and no complicated calculations to remember.

Installments are equal in amount and interval, scheduled in advance and can be seen at any time in the Klarna app. Full transparency, full control, minimum possible effort.

A super-simple checkout.

Your shoppers will benefit from the increased purchasing power typically only granted by traditional financing, without registering for an account or completing a credit application. No need to provide more information or take more steps than is necessary.

This keeps the payment process smooth and guarantees the purchase does not affect the customer’s credit status or credit history.

No matter what product you choose, you will always get:

The merchant portal

You will get access to a backend in which you can manage everything Klarna.

Klarna as a marketing tool

You will get access to marketing material that you can use in your marketing initiatives. E.g. the “No risk” aspects is usually popular to promote.

Global products, local faces

All products are built to be adapted to local preferences and legislations.

Single integration, integrated once

After having integrated Klarna, the products will be automatically updated without you lifting a finger.

Local support for you and your customers

Thousands of employees having conversations with your customers when they need that human guidance.

No risk, for you or your customers

You will always get paid and the customer is covered by Klarna's Buyers Protection.