Klarna x Shopify

Adding flexible payment options to your checkout can increase conversions by 44% – and that’s just the beginning.

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Integration is smoooth, fast, and easy.

More payment options mean more sales. And thanks to our smoooth Shopify and Shopify Plus plug ins, integrating Klarna onto your existing store couldn’t be easier.

We make it simple to allow your customers to shop now and pay later at no upfront cost to you. And since you always get paid in full, it’s virtually risk-free.

Deploying Klarna was really easy… we already used Shopify as our eCommerce platform, so we were able to dive right in using the Pay later Shopify plug-in. All in all, it couldn’t have been more straightforward. The journey was frictionless, and we virtually went from sign-up to go-live in under 24 hours.

James Gold, Co-Founder at Skinnydip

It only takes a few minutes to start integrating Klarna to your existing Shopify store.