Small business, big sales.

Join us for our Summer Series, featuring industry leaders who will cover actionable insights to help you boost your business and enhance your customer shopping experience.

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Building a successful online business takes a village. Lucky for you, we’ve curated the smartest minds in the biz to give you the building blocks for success.

Part 1. How to build a stellar online shopping experience.

During Part 1 of our series, maude, Maison Kitsuné, and Juiced Bikes shared knowledge on how to build a winning online experience to drive sales and set your business up for success.

Our expert panel discussed:
- Advice for building an online experience that customers love.
- Actionable tips for your most successful growth strategy.
- How to take your business to the next level.

Our speakers:
- Éva Goicochea: CEO, maude
- Christopher Scott: Ecommerce Manager, Juiced Bikes
- Tiffany Tibbot: Digital & Ecommerce Manager, Maison Kitsuné

Part 2. How to ignite sales through email marketing.

During Part 2 of our series, Klarna was joined by Klaviyo and gr8nola to discuss the importance of a winning email marketing strategy and dive into tactics to increase engagement and conversions.

Our speakers:
Taylor Clark, Growth Success Manager, Klaviyo
Erica Liu Williams, Founder & CEO, gr8nola

Part 3. How to advertise on Facebook like a pro with MuteSix.

Join us on June 24 at 2PM EST for Part 3 of our series, where Klarna sits down with MuteSix to talk through the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook and what the new IOS update means for you.

Part 4. How to access funding for marketing & inventory with Clearco.

Join us on July 8 at 2PM EST for Part 4 of our series, where Klarna sits down with Clearco to talk about how to raise funding and get the most out of your money.

Part 5. How BNPL is transforming e-commerce.

Join us on July 22 at 2PM EST for the last event of our series, where Klarna discusses how the BNPL industry has revolutionized the online and in-store shopping experience.

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