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A Smoooth Purchase Flow.
A Smoooth Purchase Flow.

A Smoooth
Purchase Flow.

Consistent, quick and secure.

Klarna is introducing a new purchase flow to simplify the shopping experience and set a global standard. The new purchase flow will enable the consumer to shop with a Smoooth, consistent and predictable experience, regardless of where they shop or how they want to pay.

The new purchase flow makes the shopping experience consistent and predictable wherever the customer shops with Klarna. The consumer will also benefit from a quicker, safer and more tailored checkout based on their preferences. To do this, we’ve updated the design and introduced a new login flow.

Sneak peek of the new experience.

Smoooth Purchase Flow
Klarna as one payment method.

From now on, we’ll present Klarna as one single payment method, instead of presenting several options. The customer still decides how to pay.

Smoooth Purchase Flow
Improved security.

The new personalized checkout reduces fraud and privacy issues. You’ll also leverage the customer base and knowledge shared across all our partners.

Smoooth Purchase Flow
Expected increase in conversion.

We’re expecting an increase in the conversion over time, based on markets where we’ve already launched the new purchase flow. This means more happy shoppers at your store!

What do I need to do?

In order to get the improved purchase flow to work in an optimal way, there are only a few things to consider:

Order creation
With the new purchase flow we will also introduce additional payment methods to your checkout, in order to accommodate a predictable and consistent User Experience, regardless of where the consumer shops.

Only if you are validating payment methods and comparing such to what you would expect prior to creating Klarna orders in your backend systems please make sure this will be fixed. You’ll find the payment methods that need to be supported below.

  • If you’re using Klarna's full check-out experience (Klarna Checkout) and validating purchases in Order Management, please see the payment methods that need to be supported here.

  • If you’re showing Klarna as a payment option in your check-out (Klarna Payments) see the payment methods that need to be supported here.

In-app enablement
If you are using Klarna in your mobile app, we need you to be on the Klarna SDK versions that are compatible with the new UX! Please make sure you are on the latest SDK versions available, but not lower than the following ones:

Android: 2.1.6
iOS: 2.1.5

In order to optimize the purchase experience, we recommend you to retain only one single widget in your check-out. This means Klarna will be shown as one payment method in which the new purchase flow is visualized, and the consumer can choose how to pay and be remembered for future purchases.

B2B purchases - when changing customer type 

If a B2C or B2B session has already commenced and the customer type changes, it is necessary to initiate a new session. The reason for this is that Klarna does not handle B2B purchases directly; they are facilitated by a third-party vendor. As a result, the B2B Purchase flow operates independently from Klarna's B2C shopping experience. Therefore, it is crucial to create a session tailored to the appropriate customer type. Modifying an existing session to accommodate a new customer type will not be effective. For additional information on supported customer types and instructions on how to configure them, please read more here.
If your checkout process involves multiple steps and allows order changes on the final order review page before submission, here are the steps you need to follow:

Option 1 - Best Practice (recommended)
To optimize the checkout process, place the Authorize call at the final step and ensure either the auto_finalize parameter is removed for all payment methods or set to TRUE.
If the implementation includes Reauthorize and/or Finalize, both can be completely removed.

Option 2
To maintain your current logic, ensure that any order update functionality for B2B transactions is disabled on the final order review page.

Note: If you're utilizing a platform or plugin for Klarna integration without direct control, be reassured that we have already contacted our partners to make the necessary adjustments. 

Otherwise, nothing is required from your end and we will update the UX automatically into your current solution in the smooothest way possible. If you have any questions about these requirements, reach out to your account manager or to merchant support.

FAQ for your customers

Klarna has introduced a new and improved purchase flow that makes shopping with Klarna a consistent experience wherever you choose to pay. The flow is also more secure by introducing a new login process.

We’re also aiming to make your purchase experience as consistent as possible in terms of payment methods. Therefore you might see some new payment methods available in the check-out, in order for you to choose how to pay regardless of where you shop.

You will need to sign up for a Klarna account once – to verify and set up your account. You can also save your preferences and favorite payment method for any future purchases.

You can choose to be remembered on your device for the next time you shop with Klarna. This will make your purchase flow even shorter and easier for future purchases. In some markets you will be remembered by default, but you can always choose to opt-out from this feature.

After you choose Klarna and authenticate with your account, you’ll see a screen where you can choose if you want to pay today, later or if you’d like to finance your purchase. Note that the payment methods can vary depending on the merchant.

If you’ve saved a payment method as your favorite earlier, you’ll be presented with this one in your next purchase. Regardless if you have a favorite payment method or not – you can always choose to change the payment method in the flow.

Here’s the best way to reach customer service:

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