How and when will I receive my refund?

All refunds will be issued according to the store’s policy for returns and cancellations. Once the store has registered your return or cancellation with Klarna, your refund will be processed, you can expect your refund as outlined below:

Your refund will be processed to your original form of payment. If your original form of payment is associated with a now closed bank account or credit card, please contact your financial institution regarding the refund.


‘Pay in 4’

Refunds for Pay in 4 are processed in different ways, depending on the status of your payment schedule, how much you have paid and if the store has processed a full or partial refund.

Full refund

If a full refund is registered on your order, possible remaining payments will be canceled and the already paid amount will be refunded to the card used to make the payment.

Partial refund

In case the partial refund was more than the remaining balance on your order, the amount will be deducted from the outstanding balance first and the difference will automatically be refunded to the card you used to pay off the purchase.

In case the partial refund was less than the remaining balance on your order, the amount will be deducted from the outstanding balance and spread evenly over the remaining payments.


Financing Account

If you paid using monthly financing, refunds will be applied to your Klarna account. To request a refund we kindly ask you to contact our Customer Service.
If you are expecting a partial refund from the merchant there will not be a change to your monthly payments. Your payments will remain the same and you’ll pay off the balance sooner. The refund will be reflected on your next monthly statement.

Good to know: If the store’s return policy does not allow refunds to the original form of payment, for example, they only allow store credit, you are still responsible for your payments to Klarna associated with that purchase.


Still waiting for your refund?

Refund processing times vary and can take up to 14 days depending on your financial institution. To check the status of your refund, please confirm first that the store has updated your statement accordingly here and check if you might have already been refunded to your original payment method.
If 14 days have passed since the issue of credit and you are still missing your refund please contact us for further support.


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