How do I set up the Klarna Chrome extension?

The Klarna extension for Chrome helps users shop with Klarna everywhere on desktop. In order to enjoy it, you must first download and install the extension. You can do it by searching for the Klarna Shopping Extension in the Chrome Web Store and clicking “Add to Chrome”. Once installed, pin it to your browser’s bar and click on it whenever you need to create a One-time card. We are unrolling this feature progressively so it is not available for all users yet.
You can read more about One-time cards here.
If you are having trouble finding the extension after installation, click on the extensions icon on the top right corner of your window and pin the Klarna extension to your browser’s bar.
To use the extension, you will need to log in to your Klarna account. Just click on the extension’s icon, enter your email address or phone number in the box and follow the login process.
You will be automatically logged out as soon as you take a break and close your browser for longer than 30 minutes. Make sure to manually log out before leaving your computer unattended.


Data Protection
Klarna only collects data necessary to ensure the functionalities of the Extension. To see a full list of data types collected and their purposes, please check out our Privacy Policy.
The Klarna browser extension does not have access to your browsing history and is only monitoring the current active website in order to ensure that we can offer you our shopping services.
If you would like to revoke this consent, then you simply need to uninstall the extension by following the steps outlined by Google here.

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