What is Email Connect and how does it work?

With Email Connect you can view, track, and manage additional purchases in the Klarna app. Just connect your Google email and we will automatically get delivery and purchase information from the order emails that you receive from the online stores. You can use Email Connect if you have a Gmail address or if you use Google’s G Suite to access your email.

What about privacy?

To ensure your privacy, we will only read emails that pass our 2-step selection process. The first step of this process is done by Google who looks for specific keywords in your email and only emails containing these keywords will pass to step 2. In this second step, it’s Klarna who checks the sender of the email to identify it as an online store. Only when the sender of the email matches a name a Klarna retailer will we proceed to process the content of the email. This means that sometimes we don’t pick up on tracking information sent to you by senders that are unknown to us. All of this is done automatically and at no point in this process will someone at Klarna read your emails.

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