What is the Klarna shopping app and how does it work?

We let you shop and buy from any US online retailer using our One-time card through the Klarna app. Simply choose ‘Browser’ in the app to browse your favorite brands.
Purchases are made in the app with our virtual single-use card that you can use in the checkout of the online store, like any regular credit card. Depending on the purchase different Klarna payment options will be offered to you. All you need to get started is to download the Klarna app!

Good to know: This service is free, but keep in mind that charges might occur for the chosen payment method, such as late payment fees.

Wondering about the hold on your card when creating a One-time card?

Depending on which payment method you use to purchase the One-time card, there might be a hold placed on your payment card. This ensures that the funds for the first payment are available on your credit or debit card. The first payment won’t be charged until you place an order and the store accepts it.

Good to know: If you change your mind before completing a purchase, just cancel your One-time in the app. Once you cancel the One-time card or it expires, the hold will be released immediately. Depending on your financial institution, it might take between 1 to 7 business days for this to reflect on your account.

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