What’s my credit line and how much am I eligible to spend?

To ensure safe spending practices, each new purchase is evaluated by our system to determine approval. This takes into account many different factors including time of day, size of the purchase, how long you have been shopping with Klarna, and how many purchases that have been successfully paid back. Meaning, the longer you have been using Klarna, and the more orders you have successfully repaid according to your payment schedule. Restrictions are tighter for ‘new’ shoppers until we get to know you. Each time you use Klarna we are making a fresh decision, and over time you will be able to spend more.

How to find the estimated amount you can spend:

  • If you chose to open a Financing Account and were approved, you will receive an email with your credit line. You can also view your current credit line on your monthly billing statement.
  • If you are using the Shopping extension on your browser, you will be shown your estimated amount available to spend when you create a One-time card to Pay in 4.
  • If you have used Klarna before you will be able to see your estimated amount available to spend as your ‘Spending Limit’ under ‘My Klarna’ and on the home screen of your Klarna app.

Note: The amount available to spend might be higher or lower depending on the store you shop with and the payment option you choose. This is an estimate, and not a guarantee.

Good to know: The minimum spend for shopping with Klarna is $10.00.

Can I increase my credit line?

We automatically determine if you are eligible for a credit line increase when you shop with Klarna. You can try to make a purchase that is above your credit limit and if we are able to grant that increase it will be done at that time.
Currently, we cannot accept customer-initiated requests for credit line increases.

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