When will my order be delivered/shipped?

After you submit your order on the stores’ website it may take a few days for the store to process your order. If you’d like to know the current status of your order, please contact the store directly. Once your order has completed processing, you’ll receive an email from the store notifying you about the tracking and shipping details on your order.

If you do not receive a shipping confirmation, please contact the retailer to obtain tracking information to use for the latest progress on your order’s estimated delivery.


Tired of not having the shipping information for all your orders in one place?

With our ‘Email Connect’ you can view and track your purchases directly in the Klarna app. Just connect your Google email and we will automatically get delivery and purchase information from the order emails that you receive from the online stores. You can use Email Connect if you have a Gmail address or if you use Google’s G Suite to access your email. Simply go to the settings page in your Klarna app to connect your email address.

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