Which keywords are being used to identify relevant emails?

We ask Google and Microsoft to make sure to exclude emails that contain mentionings about banking, hospitals, clinics, and sexual or religious preferences.

The keywords that are being used to identify relevant shopping emails are:
“order” “your order” “order received” “order number” “order confirmation” “your purchase” “order total” “order shipped” “tracking number” “tracking numbers” “tracking no” “tracking link” “tracking id” “tracking information” “track my” “track package” “track shipment” “track your order” “track your package” “track your shipment” “track the status” “shipping information” “shipment tracking” “shipment status” “shipment from” “shipping confirmation” “shipped by” “priority tracking” “Order skickad” “spåra paket” “följa paket” “spåra paketet” “följa paketet” “paketleverans” “paketnummer” “paket-id” “paketid” “kollinummer” “kolli-id” “kolliid” “sändningsnummer” “sändnings-id” “sändningsid” “spårningsnummer” “spårnings-id” “spårningsid” “försändelsenummer” “försändelse-id” “försändelseid” “spårningsinformation” “leveranser” “spåra leverans” “leveransuppdatering” “Bestellung verschickt” “Bestellung Versand” “sendungsverfolgung” “sendungsnummer” “trackingnummer” “tracking-id” “versandbestätigung” “versand” “paket” “sendung” “verschickt”

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