Why do I see two orders in the Klarna App when I only placed one order?

Sometimes the store processes your order in multiple parts. This happens, for example, if your order is shipped in multiple parcels on different dates. In these cases, you will see all parts of the order as separate orders in the app, and each part will have its own payment schedule. We do this to ensure that you won’t be charged for items that have not been shipped yet. The total initial payments and installment payments paid on all schedules associated with your purchase will not exceed the total purchase amount. . Each order schedule will be available for view at any time online or in the Klarna app and have apportioned numbers, looking like XXXXX-1, XXXXXX-2, etc.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for Pay in 4 orders for information about this subject as well, here.

In the rare event that the amount of the individual parts exceeds the total order amount, you can report the problem in the Klarna app or by clicking here to pause your statement, so you don’t have to pay while you try to solve the problem with the store.

  • Go to My Klarna
  • Click Purchases
  • Select the purchase
  • Click More
  • Select “Report a problem” and choose “Incorrect order details“
  • Reach out to the store to resolve the problem

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