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Why don’t I get delivery updates for my order?

If you are not getting delivery updates for an order it may be because:

  • The email is not from an online store
    The sender of the email containing delivery or order information was not identified as an online store. We have a database of online stores which is cross-referenced against the name of the sender in your inbox to make sure that private emails are not processed.
  • The email contains sensitive information
    The email contained keywords such as “hospital”, “bank”, “health” etc. We have a database of keywords that are cross-referenced against the information in the email to make sure that private emails are not processed.
  • The email provider is not supported by us
    Currently, you can only connect Gmail or Outlook email addresses for delivery tracking updates.
  • Blocked access
    If you are using a work email address, your employer might have blocked the access for 3rd parties.

Read our Privacy policy for more information about what data we collect and how it is processed.

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