Will Klarna handle any special categories of personal data within the Auto-Import Service?

Klarna has designed the service to minimize the risk that any so-called “special categories” of personal data as set out in EU regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) will be processed. Special categories of personal data are for example information about health, trade union membership, data about religion, or someone’s sex life.

However, if such data categories are present in an email that includes the keywords Klarna has shared with the email provider, and then also identified the email as coming from an online store, Klarna may process these categories of data when extracting the purchase data from your emails.

In any case, we regularly perform spot-checks on the extracted purchase data to ensure that we don’t retain data constituting any “special categories”. If such “special categories” of personal data were to be identified as part of data being imported through the Auto-Import Service, Klarna will take action to delete or redact the data. If we identify a specific item to include “special categories” of personal data, such information related to the item will be redacted. If a complete purchase is deemed “special categories” of personal data (for example due to the nature of the store), the complete purchase will be deleted.

The processing of sensitive data is based on your consent provided to Klarna when you sign up for the Auto-Import Service.

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