A Smoooth Purchase Flow.
A Smoooth Purchase Flow.

A Smoooth
Purchase Flow.

Consistent, quick and secure.

Klarna is introducing a new purchase flow, to simplify the shopping experience and set a global standard. The new purchase flow will enable you to shop with a Smoooth, consistent and predictable purchase experience, regardless of where you shop or how you want to pay.

The new purchase flow makes your shopping experience predictable and consistent wherever you shop with Klarna. You’ll also benefit from a quicker, safer and more tailored checkout based on your preferences. To do this, we’ve updated the design and introduced a new login flow. Sign up once, verify your Klarna account and save your shopping preferences for future purchases.

Sneak peek of the new experience.

Smoooth Purchase Flow
Consistent experience.

You know what to expect and you can always find your favorite way to pay, regardless of where or how you shop.

Smoooth Purchase Flow
Personalized checkout.

Save your favorite way to pay and get a personalized experience every time.

Smoooth Purchase Flow
Secure flow.

Verifying your account Klarna Account improves the security by reducing fraud and privacy issues.

Klarna a consistent experience wherever you choose to pay. The flow is also more secure by introducing a new login process.

We’re also aiming to make your purchase experience as consistent as possible in terms of payment methods. Therefore you might see some new payment methods available in the check-out, in order for you to choose how to pay regardless of where you shop.

You will need to sign up for a Klarna account once – to verify and set up your account. You can also save your preferences and favorite payment method for any future purchases.

You can choose to be remembered on your device for the next time you shop with Klarna. This will make your purchase flow even shorter and easier for future purchases. In some markets you will be remembered by default, but you can always choose to opt-out from this feature.

After you choose Klarna and authenticate with your account, you’ll see a screen where you can choose if you want to pay today, later or if you’d like to finance your purchase. Note that the payment methods can vary depending on the merchant.

If you’ve saved a payment method as your favorite earlier, you’ll be presented with this one in your next purchase. Regardless if you have a favorite payment method or not – you can always choose to change the payment method in the flow.

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