We don’t have a job for you.

Because Klarna isn't made up of jobs. It’s made up of people. Bold people. Curious people. Open people. Quirky people. Optimistic people. People who want more than a job.

Klarna career path

Take the irregular career path.

Here at Klarna we might have fixed titles,
but our actions are subject to change.
Even our mission is changeable.
Today, we’re creating the world's smooothest shopping experience.
Tomorrow, who knows?

We’re not here to be the next step in your career path. We’re here to be a bend in the path. To let you grow sideways. To make sure you’ll never get bored.

Step off the straight line and into Klarna.

Life at Klarna

Your next career

We are always looking for great talent in most competences, and across geographies.