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What do the different order statuses mean?

Curious what’s happening with the order? Here you’ll find explanations for all order statuses.

Captured order
When you capture an order, you confirm the order has been fulfilled. This means that you’ve shipped the ordered goods to your customers and shoppers. At the same time, it lets us know that we should trigger a payout towards you according to your payout schedule, and charge your customers for the order amount.

Not sure how to capture an order? Go to

in the Merchant portal and click on the Capture all button on the order page. In the next step, select the order items or the order amount you want to capture. Then click on Capture to confirm your selections. To capture multiple orders, select the orders you want to capture, and click the Full capture button.

Uncaptured order
A new order is marked as ‘uncaptured’. This means that you haven’t shipped the goods to your customer yet, so the order still needs to be fulfilled. Once you’ve sent the goods, you need to capture the order.
By capturing the order, you let us know that we should trigger a payout towards you, and charge the customer for the order amount.

Expired order
An order will expire if you don’t capture it before its expiration date, usually within 28 days. While the order is open, you can extend the expiry date. Simply go to the

section in the Merchant portal, and press the ‘Extend expiry date’ button. In the tab you can easily track all uncaptured orders.
The expiry date exists to guard your customers and shoppers, making sure that orders are not left unhandled.

Canceled order
A canceled order is an order that will not be fulfilled. You can cancel orders as long as they haven’t been captured yet. Captured orders can’t be cancelled, and should be refunded instead.
Canceled orders will not show up in your statements, as no payment from Klarna or your customer has been made.

Part-captured order
If you only have a part of the customer’s order in stock, you can send the order in parts. Your customers will only be charged for the items you’ve shipped to them. And the payout you receive will only contain the captured amount. When you’re ready to send the rest of the order, you do the same thing with the remaining amount.

Refunded order
Refunds are used to return an order either in full or in parts. It means that you’ve received the returned items, so Klarna can deduct the refunded amount from your next upcoming payout. It also lets us know that we should refund the customer.

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