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What features are available in the Merchant portal?

In the Merchant portal, you’ll find different sections in the home page, as well as in the left side menu. Each section has a different function and information. For example, the Orders section will contain all your orders through Klarna, and under Settlements is where you’ll find your Klarna payout reports.

Orders allows you to view all orders and the order history. You can also cancel orders, resend customer invoices, retrieve customer contact details, and change billing addresses, too.

For expired orders or refunds, read our topic on



Settlements will help you with your financial administration. Here you’ll find reports for all payouts made to you by Klarna during a specific period of time. You can also set up your reports to best suit your business needs by adding a new report view or changing the existing one. To learn more about payouts and your payout schedule, read our topic on


Point of sale
The Point of sale is used for both online orders and orders placed in your physical store. To create a new order, you enter the article name, product price and quantity. Then simply share the payment link with your customer by SMS or email, or ask them to scan the QR code that pops up on the screen in your checkout. Your customers can use the link sent to them, or scan the QR code, to finish the purchase on their chosen device.


The Disputes section allows you to handle all your dispute requests in one place. With no email overload, you’ll save time, and avoid unnecessary dispute costs by never missing a deadline. Want to know more? Learn how to


In Branding, you can add and upload brand assets so that your store can shine in front of customers and new shoppers. Adding your brand assets means that your customers and new shoppers will be able to recognize you across all Klarna touchpoints, for example in the Klarna app, emails, or on an invoice. If you want to know more about brand assets you can add, check our section on


If you’re interested in your store’s integration with Klarna, Logs have you covered. Use the search function to view the API calls that were sent between your store system and Klarna during a given period of time. You will be able to see all order information including changes made to orders, or any potential error messages. Want to know more? Check our topic on


On-site messaging
The On-site messaging provides you with tailored messaging for products on your website. You can let your shoppers know about your partnership with Klarna, and promote flexible payment options before they get to the checkout. The On-site messaging helps increase average order values and conversion rates, and it’s free for you to use. So, head to our

to learn how to add tailored messaging to your website, and also check out our topic on .

In the Users section, you can handle all the users that have access to the Merchant portal. You can also set limitations on which functions a certain user can access, for example, you can make sure that your accountant can only access the settlement reports. Our topic on

contains more information on how to add/remove users and different access permissions you can assign.

In Settings, you can retrieve your Klarna API credentials used to set up the connection between your store and Klarna. Here you can also edit your contact and store details, and change the bank account details you registered with us. Check out our topic on Settings & notifications for FAQs.

For more technical information, you can easily access our

via the Merchant portal. There you’ll find detailed integration guides, API documentation, and more. You can also test our products in the demo store, and get the integration overview for our payment methods.