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Why is On-site messaging not showing on my page?

If you have any issues with displaying placements from

, try the following:

Check if you’re using the correct environment (

vs. production)
Check if you’re using the correct locale (the locale defines for which country and in which language the advertisement will be shown)
Check if the purchase amount is correct (make sure you’re sending the correct purchase amount in micro-units format)
Make sure that the inline is not set to true in the placement (this can cause issues if your setup is not enabled for inline placements)
Make sure not to hide the placements using CSS
Check that your <klarna-placement> and script tags are valid HTML, and make sure you are only loading one instance of our JavaScript library

If all the above is working, check the network requests to and look for errors and 204s, you can detect small mistakes easily.

If you’re a Shopify retailer, we suggest utilizing our

. The app can’t be used at the same time as our manual since the features will overwrite each other. So, use only one form of Klarna On-site messaging.