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Data privacy should be smoooth. As you might’ve noticed, we’re not your typical financial services provider. Just like we aim to remove all friction from your payment related matters, we believe your privacy can’t just be an afterthought. The world today is complex and confusing enough. We’re not here to add to that.

Our privacy notice in short

When you use Klarna, there’s two ways we receive your personal data: There’s personal data you provide when you interact with us and there’s personal data we collect about you from a variety of sources (e.g., credit and fraud prevention agencies, stores, or public databases).

Personal data you share with us could for example include:

  • Your contact- and identification information – we need this information to be able to for example confirm your identity, offer you support, or carry out a credit assessment before granting credit.

  • Your payment information – we need this information to for example carry out transactions.

Personal data we collect about you could for example relate to:

  • Name, date of birth, place of birth, and financial information – as a way to for example prevent fraud, confirm your eligibility for credit, or screen your information against lists of so called Politically Exposed Persons.

  • Information about the interaction between you and Klarna – This could include information on how you use our service or your repayment history with Klarna, which we use to tailor our products to you, offer you support or carry out credit risk assessments before granting credit.

As we continuously work to elevate your shopping experience, we may use your data for a number of reasons, including to

  • Verify your identity when you use our services or contact us

  • Engage with you as a customer

  • Provide you with the services you requested

  • Give you an overview on your financial situation

  • Understand your eligibility for Klarna products and services

  • Communicate information on the products we offer

  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys

  • Carry out credit and fraud assessments

  • Perform debt collection services

  • Prevent IT attacks

  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements

As we’ve mentioned above, we believe your data should enhance your everyday life. Below you can find some examples of how the personal data that you share with us, benefits you:

  • Paying with Klarna: When you use one of our pay now, pay later, slice it services or wish to apply to our Klarna card or use our one-time card (available in the app), we will carry out a credit check internally and via third parties, retrieve your contact and identification information and information about the interaction between you and Klarna. This allows us to have a better understanding of your financial circumstances and your eligibility for certain products so as to provide you with the best options.

  • Autofill: When you decide to purchase a certain item, we offer you the possibility to save your contact- and identification information and payment information so you don’t need to manually add them with every purchase. You can choose to opt out of this feature in the ‘autofill settings’ during address registration in your purchase checkout.

  • Klarna app: When you use the Klarna App through the mobile app or a web portal, we may collect information on your overall interactions with the app, your past purchases, your transactions via bank accounts you have connected, as well as items you’ve liked in the past or chosen to add to your Klarna App. This is so we can improve our app experience, provide you with a more personalised in-app experience, such as the ability to track your deliveries, make you aware of price drops for items you’ve marked, remind you of upcoming payments, or give you a personal financial overview.

  • Support: To be able to offer you efficient and personalised support, we collect your contact- and identification information and an overview of previous conversations. This is so we are able to follow up on your questions and increase the speed at which we handle your inquiries.

  • Safe shopping: When you use Klarna’s services we collect your contact- and identification information, payment and financial information, device information, information on goods and services provided, as well as information about the interaction between you’ve had with Klarna or stores, to be able to protect you against fraud and prevent attempts of money laundering. This is so you can feel safe when using Klarna and we can be sure that you’re really who you claim to be when managing your finances.

  • Communication and offers: If you’ve used Klarna in the past, we may also be collecting contact- and identification information, information about previous purchases and previous conversations with our support staff, as well as device information. This is so we can reach out to you about new offers, products you might be interested in and updates you may be interested in. You can easily opt out of this option by following steps laid out below.

There are a number of ways you can control the data we collect as well as the way we use it.

  • Autofill: Within the Klarna app you can choose to opt out of the Autofill feature which automatically fills in relevant information when you make future purchases. You can choose to opt out of this feature in the ‘Autofill settings’ during address registration in your purchase checkout.

  • Marketing communication: In order to unsubscribe from marketing sendouts you can easily click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each email. You can also reach out to us by email where you state your wish to opt-out from receiving marketing send outs. For all contact information, please review the

    section below.

  • Identification: You can personalise how you would like us to verify your identity before each purchase within the Klarna app. Simply go to the Klarna app and choose “Settings”/”Privacy & Security”

Klarna retains information about you as a customer in order to provide you with our services.

You do however retain the right to:

Request a copy of the data we collect about you

  • You have the right to request a copy of your personal data. In order to do so, please review the

    section below.

Rectify any inaccurate or incomplete information about yourself

  • In case you perceive information referring to you to be wrong or incomplete, you have the right to request the information to be rectified or completed. If you want to make such changes, you simply contact us via our chat or by contacting our

    team, describing your request.

Terminate a product, service, or your whole relationship with Klarna

  • You are able to easily manage, or terminate, most of our product and services directly in the Klarna app. By terminating a product or service you thereby terminate the connected terms and conditions. Should you have any questions on how to terminate a product or service, you are welcome to chat with us via the app.

If you want to terminate your whole relationship (all agreements) with Klarna, please review the

section below.

Request deletion of your personal data – You have the right to request for any personal data – that Klarna is not obliged to keep – to be deleted. Please note that as a consequence, you won’t for example receive any marketing material from us nor be able to log in to our web portal or mobile app once this process has been completed. If you wish to request your personal data to be deleted, please review the

section below.

If you wish to limit specific type of data you share with us, you can e.g. always opt out from marketing sendouts, (see section “How you can control what information we collect and how we use it”) or remove certain products or services you have been using (see section “Terminate a product, service, or your whole relationship with Klarna”).

Retention of certain data

Please note that there may be instances where access to data or the right to delete specific information may be limited. For example, as a bank, we are required to retain certain data by law, for example for Anti-Money Laundering purposes. In addition to legal requirements, we may also retain certain information to protect both you and us, e.g. for fraud prevention purposes.

Identification before receiving access or erasure of data

In order to exercise your right to have your data erased or your right of access to your personal data, Klarna will need to identify you via, for example, via your personal identification information and information only you would have access to. As a countermeasure to wrongfully disclose or delete personal data, we will always be required to properly identify you first. Please note that we’re not permitted to work with third parties, e.g. a post office, for this identification to take place.

Depending on the service you wish to use, we may need to share some of your data with a select number of third parties, for example partners (cloud computing platforms, payment service providers or online selling platforms) or authorities. To give you some examples, the reason for this may be so we can store your data safely, verify your identity to complete transactions, abide by regulatory requirements, prevent fraud, carry out credit risk assessments, or to communicate with you via a non-Klarna platform (e.g. Facebook or Twitter). For more detailed information on which recipients this might concern, please review section 10 of our 


When you choose to share your data with us, we know you trust us to do the right thing. Doing the right thing not only means keeping your best interest in mind but also complying with applicable laws and requirements. And when it comes to how and when we use your data, there are many rules governing such practices. A more recent example includes complying with GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation), a law regulating data protection and privacy for all individuals in the European Union.

Being a financial institution, we also need to comply with a number of additional rules, for example setting out what we can do when we grant credits, prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, and much more. Under these rules we are sometimes required to store certain information or share details with public authorities when ordered to do so.

We take these responsibilities extremely seriously and always work to keep your best interest in mind when assessing how to best comply with them.

We heavily invest in our advanced security system which continuously monitors our systems to report any suspicious activity. When you use Klarna, it’s important you know that before we even begin building our products, we go at length to assess any potential risks that could exist and design the necessary countermeasures to make sure you stay safe. Of course we encrypt your data where appropriate, while making sure that only the right people have access. As a financial institution we are also required to undergo regular external audits of the security measures we have put in place.

Make your data work for you

Making your data work for you

Great experiences shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your privacy. Your data helps us provide you with an intuitive, quick and automated experience so you can stop worrying about how long it takes to make a payment, and spend more time doing the things you love.

Your data. Your rights.

Your data, your rights

We understand that your data is...well, your data. And when it comes to getting insights on our privacy standards, how we collect, use and store your data, and how you can control each of these steps, we believe it should be as simple as possible.

Being open

Being open

We always strive to tell you about our data practices. That’s why this page is aimed at providing you with a useful and digestible overview on our data protection practices, on top of our more extensive privacy notice.

Meeting our responsibilities

Meeting our responsibilities

When you’re sharing your data with us, we know you trust us to do what’s right. As a financial institution, we need to comply with a number of data practice rules. We take this extremely seriously and always keep your best interest at heart when complying with these.

Offering security and support

Offering security and support

Offering security and support When it comes to trust, we know that giving you our word just isn’t enough. That’s why we continuously work to introduce new ways to keep your data safe via our advanced security system and provide you with adequate support if you have privacy related questions.

We know that your time is valuable which is why we have summarized some of the key themes from our privacy notice in the following section. For more detailed information please read our


Privacy support

Do you have any privacy related questions or wish to receive more information on your personal data? We’re here to help. Depending on your request there are two ways you can contact us:

For requests relating to

  • Requesting a copy of your personal data

  • Deleting your personal data and terminating your relationship with Klarna

Please fill out this

and state your request.

For any other requests, for example relating to termination of a specific product or service, you can send us an email at

or get virtual support in our chat function (available Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) which you can find in the Klarna or on our .