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Der App zwei Bestellungen angezeigt, obwohl ich nur eine vorgenommen habe?

Orders can sometimes be split because they are made in multiple shipments. Each delivery is then listed individually as an order in the app.

In this case, a separate invoice will be created for each delivery. This way we can make sure you’re not paying for something that hasn’t shipped yet.

The total amount of the invoices for this split order will never exceed the original order payment amount.

If you’re being charged for something you didn’t order, or being charged the wrong amount, please report this to us as an issue:

  1. Go to the Orders section
  2. Tap View All , then select the relevant order
  3. Tap Report a problem, then select Invoice amount incorrect

You will then receive an email from us and your payments will be paused. Log in to see payment information and updates about your reported issue.

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