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How do I use a One-time card?

You can use a Klarna One-time card both online or in-store. When you create a One-time card in the Klarna app, you’ll enter the amount that you plan to spend and an authorisation hold will be placed on your personal credit/debit card for 25% of the value. This hold will be released if you cancel or do not use the One-time card within 24 hours.

Online: When checking out online, select the credit card option and enter the One-time card information as you would with any other card. If asked for the name on the card, simply use your name. Complete the checkout and we’ll send a confirmation of your payment schedule within 24 hours.

In-store: To use a One-time card in-store, press the “in-store” button on the homepage of your Klarna app or select “Pay in-store” from the front page of the app, follow the prompts to choose the store you’re shopping at and how much you plan to spend. Once your card has been generated add the card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet and then you’re ready to tap and pay at the register. An in-store digital card is intended to be used once and expires in 24 hours, so if you want to make another purchase, create a new card and keep on shopping.
There is no need to delete the card in your digital wallet after use.

Good to know: Your One-time card will automatically expire after 24 hours if it does not get used, you can also delete the One-time card yourself if it’s no longer needed. Once either of these actions occurs, we will remove the authorisation hold and any pending charges will be removed from your debit or credit card in the next 5-7 business days. The exact timing depends on your financial institution.

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