Financial wellness.

At Klarna, we are committed to providing customers with a truly seamless shopping experience. From browsing to buying, we’re bringing smoooth shopping to customers everywhere.

How we're different.

Mobile screen with klarna app payment page

Mindful money.

The Klarna app provides Australian shoppers with a differentiated experience, focused on offering them control and flexibility to manage their finances in a sustainable way.

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A simple instalment plan.

Klarna customers are offered a simple and transparent instalment plan to easily understand their commitments. Customers will be able to track payments in the Klarna app, and can pay off their instalments early if it suits them better.

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Always here to help.

Klarna is dedicated to working with vulnerable customers who we see are at risk of falling behind on their payments. If consumers have any concerns about repayment, our customer services team will always help.

Our policy in practice.

  • Users of Klarna payment methods must be 18 years or older
  • First time users of Klarna’s payment methods will be required to complete an identity verification using ID documentation
  • A credit check will be performed on new customers to determine eligibility
  • Gambling and alcohol purchases are among our restricted purchase categories
  • Klarna’s Buyers Protection policy
  • Review our Frequently Asked Questions

What we value.


We believe in being simple and straightforward in everything we do. That includes being open and transparent with our customers and merchants. No dodgy dealings. No funny business.


We want to redefine shopping and the way people buy. But we want to do so in a way that adds social value, champions diversity and helps everyone achieve their ambitions – no matter what their background.


We believe in celebrating innovation in technology. Yes, we’re a tech company, but our success is built on imagination as much as it is built on algorithms and applications. That’s why we’re proud to support creative initiatives both inside and outside the business.

Talk to customer service.

Run into financial hardship? Contact our customer service team to explore your options.