What are the Klarna API credentials and how do I use them?

To integrate Klarna with your store, you’ll need a special set of Klarna API credentials.
These credentials consist of API username and password. Both are used for authentication when sending API calls to us, but also to ensure that your integration is secure.

You can have multiple sets of Klarna API credentials active. This allows you to set up multiple integrations with us at the same time. If you run a business with different platforms or partners connected to the same store, you can integrate all of them at once by using multiple sets of Klarna API credentials.

Managing your Klarna API credentials is easy, just head to Settings > API credentials in the Merchant portal. There you can create new credentials as well as manage existing ones.

Good to know: only the administrator users in the Merchant portal can access and manage Klarna API credentials. If you don’t have administrator access, then contact someone at your company who is an administrator (usually that’s the person who gave you access).

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